Joaquin Miller Park Kiosks get an update!

Ranger Station kiosk at Joaquin Miller Park.
Ranger Station kiosk at Joaquin Miller Park.
If you are looking for a redwood park in the Bay Area that has a little bit of everything, then look no further than Joaquin Miller Park in Oakland. This 500-acre city park hosts amazing views of the bay and is adjacent to Redwood & Roberts Regional Recreation Area. You can bring your dog for a leashed walk through the oak and redwood forest or throw the ball with your pup in the designated dog park. Bring a picnic in the summer to see one of the three musicals the park puts on as part of the Woodminster Summer Musicals (external link), or take a few minutes to hike among the great redwoods that are part of this park.

Starting at the ranger station, if you head down to the meadow, you get your first glimpse of these beautiful giants, whose forests were some of the first cut in the 1850s. Continue along the Palos Colorados trail up the Big Trees trail to then surround yourself in the park’s redwood grove.

As you follow this path, be sure to check out the park kiosks along the way. The League recently worked with the City of Oakland to install new interpretive content and maps in the kiosks, so park visitors can learn more about the natural area they are visiting. Three kiosks, one at the Ranger Station, another at the start of Sanborn Drive, and a third at the Sequoia-Bayview trailhead, all have new, updated information including, what tree rings can tell us about redwoods and climate, the history of the League, and the importance of protecting redwood forests.

Here at the League, we not only want to provide opportunities and information about how to get to all of the amazing redwood parks, but once you are there, we want to make sure you can learn about these forests and all the glory they have to offer.

So next time you find yourself in the Oakland hills, stop in at Joaquin Miller Park. Read the information at the kiosks and hike up to the redwood grove to experience the beauty of this hidden city gem.

This project was also completed in partnership with the Friends of Sausal Creek (external link) and the Friends of Joaquin Miller Park (external link).

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