Redwood seedling gifts for the holidays!

Give the gift of redwood seedlings. Photo by Mark Bult
Give the gift of redwood seedlings. Photo by Mark Bult

If you’re still wondering what to get for the friends and family on your holiday shopping list, consider having a redwood seedling planted in their honor! I think this is one of the most special gifts out there (ahem, if any friends of mine happen to be reading this—take note!). Your seedling gift contributes to reforestation efforts, adding a tree to an area where it is needed most. Besides being beautiful, the tree will eventually provide important habitat for forest animals, including threatened and endangered species like the spotted owl. And unlike most gifts, the redwood tree will be around for a long, long time – potentially thousands of years! Talk about a gift that truly keeps on giving.

The last day to order a seedling gift for the holidays is Wednesday, December 12. Visit the website today to place your order! Save the Redwoods League will send a beautiful commemorative card to the recipient. Not only will they be thrilled with the meaningful gift, you’ll get to know that your gift is literally helping to make the world a better place.

To see more ways to make a difference this holiday season, check out all the ways to give!

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Jennifer joined Save the Redwoods League in 2007 as the Director of Outreach, charged with leading the organization's marketing communications and outreach efforts to connect people to the peace and beauty of the redwood forests.

Pablo Cunazza Mardones (on my right) and Patricio Contreras Bravo (on my left), colleagues at Parque Nacional Alerce Costero.

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