Redwood Haikus

The redwood forest inspires the students in our Redwoods and Climate Change High School Program.
The redwood forest inspires the students in our Redwoods and Climate Change High School Program.
It is well known that the redwoods inspire people in many different ways. Some want to study how the trees and forest function; others hike beneath the branches for exercise, and still others paint and photograph these majestic beauties.

During our redwood field trips with students we try to appeal to all these different ways the trees elicit inspiration in our youth. So, I bring you our Redwood Haikus. Below are various haikus high schools students wrote during our Redwoods and Climate Change High School Program.

Hopefully you will be inspired to write your own haikus after visiting our amazing trees.

Redwoods love the fog
They also gather water
Leaves fall from redwoods

Redwoods are very tall
They absorb fog with needles
They take in carbon

Sunlight seeps through trees
Redwoods stand in the forest
Please save the redwoods

Some bright shades of green
Open my eyes and my mind
Pollen, pines, bushes and leaves

Redwood trees are grand
Standing tall and defiant
Push through climate change

Redwoods are the best
They soak up carbon and mist
Stumps are the perfect seats

Let’s protect the trees
That reduce the CO2
We breathe from the trees

Put up a strong fight
Stand tall you will mighty tree
Redwood trees for life

Learn more about the Redwoods and Climate Change High School Program.

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About Deborah Zierten


Deborah joined the League's staff in 2013 as the Education & Interpretation Manager. She brings with her extensive experience teaching science, developing curriculum and connecting kids to the natural world.

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3 Responses to “Redwood Haikus”

  1. Avatar


    The stumps are good places to sit on
    Or to guess just how many could fit on
    This verse writ on a whim
    Sounds exceedingly dim
    My rhymes need a little more wit on

    Limericks Trump Haiku!

  2. Avatar

    Laura Burge

    As a longtime member of ‘Save the Redwoods League’ I Sooo Love the Redwoods…I love Nature Haikus and write them frequently. Will write one now as you have inspired me…Thank you!!!
    Ancient stories here
    Trees record life history
    Be still share whispers…

  3. Avatar

    Dwight Johnson

    Good article, Deborah.


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