National Poetry Month Inspires Student Haikus

The redwood forest inspires the students in our Redwoods and Climate Change High School Program.
The redwood forest inspires the students in our Redwoods and Climate Change High School Program.

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I bring you some haikus written by students from Skyline High School.

During our redwood field trips with students, Save the Redwoods League tries to appeal to all the different ways redwood trees elicit inspiration for youth. The following haikus were written by students in our Redwoods and Climate Change High School Program.

Love for all redwoods
Big and luscious trees galore
Tall and mossy green

Tall and mossy green
Up into the sky they reach
I love redwood trees

Through the muddy trail
We made our way up until
We found ourselves here

Redwood trees are cool
Mother Nature gave us trees
We are blessed, thank you

Wolfgang in the woods
Redwoods trees are very tall
Sprouts on the bottom

This redwood tree is
An inspiration to all
That come across it

My fingers are cold
I really need to pee now
What a great field trip

Hopefully, during National Poetry Month, you will be inspired to write your own haikus after visiting these amazing trees.

Do you have a redwood-inspired haiku poem to share? Post your haiku in the comment section below.

Be sure to check out more redwoods-inspired art and poetry on our website!

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Student Perspectives

We appreciate being able to contribute our experiences and our knowledge to the Save the Redwoods League community through these blog entries and hope that our work can support your cause and our communities.

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