Video: Sights and sounds of the coast redwoods

Relax with this compilation of video we’ve captured of the redwoods.

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About Save the Redwoods League


Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has protected and restored redwood forests and connected people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish.

Wildflowers of the redwood forests


If it’s spring, it’s wildflower season. Wildflower season is one of the best times to experiences California’s great outdoors. While we can’t get out there to see them ourselves, we thought it would be nice to recall some of our favorites that pop up under the tall trees.

An Epic Road Trip from the Bay Area to the North Coast


I’m always amazed each time I bear witness to California’s natural landscapes, and this time, on the 300 or so miles driving from San Francisco to the ancient forests of the North Coast, I’m smitten again.

8 Responses to “Video: Sights and sounds of the coast redwoods”

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    Cynthia Osborn

    As a child and young adult my Dad would take us to Sequoia every 6 months for a two week stay. Most of my Favorite Memories are time spent there as a family. I love these Videos but too bad we can’t Smell the incredible Scent of those Redwood Forests. I think I need to make a vacation trip to Sequoia this year.

  2. Avatar

    Matthew Salcius

    sigh, wish I was there…

  3. Avatar

    Kay Graetz

    Such a lovely bit of beauty & serenity to soothe us in these surreal times! Thank you so much- felt like I was back among them- sigh!

  4. Avatar

    mr. Ira Sigal

    Pls save the redwoods. Don’t cut the trees down. It’s a beautiful place to go visit. Many years ago, as a teenage boy, my family and I would go camping in the redwoods south of Garberville. It was a great place to go. I always had a great time.

  5. Avatar


    Noise, especially loud crowds have become such a handicap to me. I try to endure the strain Serenity now is what I would seek with a choice to favorably relaxed peace of mind.

  6. Avatar


    Lovely. I can’t think of when I took a vacation. It has been decades. Had I a compatible travel partner, someone I enjoyed, I would love to see places. I don’t at all like going places alone

  7. Avatar

    Katherine Bernard

    Thank You, Thank You! The videos are a much needed respite from the current challenges. So beautiful and uplifting.

  8. Avatar

    Mary Zoeter

    Absolutely lovely


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