The Tasks Ahead

The League will own, steward and manage Shady Dell for the foreseeable future until we can transfer it to a permanent steward.
Your donations helped us acquire the Shady Dell property. Now, the League owns, stewards and manages the land until we can transfer it to a permanent steward.

“To some it might appear that, having accomplished what will be considered one of the greatest pieces of conservation work in America, the Redwoods League might not have a place of as great importance in the future as that occupied during the past decade. But it is a common thing to look upon acquisition as the highest type of activity. As a matter of fact, this is only preparation for the great work of use for what has been acquired. The highest ideals and the clearest vision will be needed in making that use of the forests which should be expected. I see the task of the Redwoods League in the coming years as more important than in the past.”

1934, The Tasks Ahead of the Save the Redwoods League:  A message to members from the League’s President, Dr. John C. Merriam of Washington, D.C.

As the League continues to acquire key pieces of the iconic redwood forest, we know that each acquisition is merely the start of preserving that newly-protected part of the forest and managing its appropriate long-term use.

There are many considerations to explore for every parcel of forest land we protect.  Is a trail needed to bring people to it?  Will it be a campground?  How do we protect the remaining gnarly giants from the feet of human admirers who want to come close and squeeze the soft bark, and still satisfy our desire to experience these magnificent forests?

What stories can this part of the forest tell us?  What was the climate like 1,200 years ago at this location?  What critters have lived here?  On the ground?  In the canopy?  In a “goose pen”?  There is so much to study!

Will this parcel be merged into the adjacent park?  Will it be managed by League staff for decades?  By a local land conservation organization?

As you can see, with each acquisition the League must raise much more than the price of acquisition.  These additional sums are essential to fulfill the perpetual obligation to protect the newly acquired forest land.  The additional funds are needed to make it accessible to the public or to restore it or to study it—or all of these.

Thank you for helping to save the redwoods and keep them saved by supporting the League’s work! Interested in doing more? Check out all the ways you can get involved to help save redwoods.

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Harry joined Save the Redwoods League’s staff in 2011 as the General Counsel. He brings over 30 years of experience in the fields of law and real estate transactions.

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