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On the Front Lines of Redwood Forest Restoration


A recent partnership was announced between the State of California and the U.S. Forest Service, which will work together on state and federal forests and rangelands to reduce wildfire risks, restore watersheds, protect habitat and biological diversity, and help the state meet its climate objectives.

Damage in Big Basin building

Fire Recovery at the Core of New Parks Effort


The fire at Big Basin Redwoods State Park made headlines around the world, but it was far from the only redwood park to burn. Sadly, each of the parks forced to close by fire had only recently been reopened following the state’s COVID-19 stay-home order.

Researcher climbing a giant sequoia tree

League Project Updates


LEAGUE PURCHASE PROTECTS A CRUCIAL REDWOOD FOREST Andersonia West contains hundreds of acres of old-growth coast redwoods and is a critical habitat corridor for imperiled species on the remote Lost Coast. Learn More   PHOTO EVIDENCE THAT REDWOODS RISING IS …

A view of wildfire damage in Big Basin, taken from the forest floor angled up to see the canopy.

How Will Redwoods Fare Under Wildfires in a Changing Climate?


In the giant sequoia range, roughly 16,000 acres (or 34 percent of the range) had burned, most of which is old growth. We have yet to assess the fire effects on the ground, but as with most modern wildfires, there will likely be a mix of beneficial and detrimental ecological effects.

Historic photo of El Palo Alto tree

An Enduring Emblem: El Palo Alto


In 1776 and 1777, the missions in San Francisco and Santa Clara were established (along with the Presidio), and the road connecting them was the El Camino Real, which passed right by El Palo Alto. Apart from some oaks, the only large tree on the 47-mile journey between the two missions was El Palo Alto, so it naturally became a famous landmark — it is currently listed as California Historical Landmark No. 2.

Book cover of Who Saved the Redwoods? The Unsung Heroines of the 1920s Who Fought for Our Redwood Forests by Laura and James Wasserman. The book is resting on a redwood log.

Spotlight on Forest Heroines


Women Who Played Crucial Roles in Redwoods Conservation Who Saved the Redwoods? The Unsung Heroines of the 1920s Who Fought for Our Redwood Forests Laura and James Wasserman Who Saved the Redwoods is an absorbing, well-researched account of the mid-1910s …

Close up view of Redwood sorrel growing on a mossy log. The background is out of focus, giving an atmospheric feel of dappled light shining through the canopy.

Coolest Thing I’ve Seen in the Forest


In the last edition of Redwoods, we invited you to tell us the coolest thing you’ve seen in the forest. Here’s what our members and fans have to say. Our Question for the Next Edition What is your favorite activity …

A California condor glides over Big Sur, California. Photo by Sebastian Kennerknecht/Minden Pictures.

Soaring Soon


Federal agencies and the Yurok Tribe have partnered to reintroduce California condors to Redwood National and State Parks. Before too long, visitors to Redwood National and State Parks may spy the condors, which have been missing from the area for more than 100 years.

Logging Miles on the Travel Log


National Public Radio tells the story: “From 1917-1921, Kellogg took his Travel Log on the road. He drove it across the country four times, coast to coast, bringing word of the redwoods to people who had never heard, let alone imagined, there could be such trees. He spoke of the accelerated logging taking place in the redwood forests, made impassionate pleas for the trees’ preservation, and spread the word about a fledgling organization looking for members. It was called the Save the Redwoods League.”

A photographer wearing a sun hat and khakis stoops at the bottom of a sloping hill while aiming a camera at the young redwood forest.

Is it OK to use redwood as a building material?


Can people who care about protecting redwood forests buy these redwood products with a clear conscience? Douglas D. Piirto, Ph.D., provides his perspective as an expert on the subject. He is a California Registered Professional Forester with broad experience studying and managing redwood forests on public and private lands.

The Allure of Big Sur


Life is a journey, not a destination. That’s Big Sur—a journey, the quintessential scenic route. Named for the pioneer family that conveyed to the state of California a key piece of land here, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is home to some of the region’s most impressive redwoods. From fanciful trees and hidden swimming holes to dramatic coastline vistas, the southern end of the coast redwood range beckons along Highway 1.

Square cropped photo of author Teresa Baker, a black woman, smiling outside on a wide trail. She wears a scarf, green puffy coat, dark pants and grey sneakers with pink accents.

While Hiking Solo, Nature Speaks


Community Voices is a series in which guest writers share their perspectives on redwood forests. Advocate for Diversity Outdoors Revels in Solitude and Beauty Among Redwoods I often refer to myself as a “lazy weekend hiker.” The joy isn’t in …

Cascade Creek Sunset from Radio Tower

Cascade Creek: A Keystone Forest Protected


The League’s Forever Forest Campaign for the Redwoods is providing support to this project. Learn more Save the Redwoods League reached our fundraising goals and expects to finalize the purchase of this breathtaking coast redwood forest in the coming weeks, …

redwoods rising team

Forests of Opportunity


With the public launch of our Forest Forest Campaign, the League scales up our pace, reach, and impact.

The Stagg Tree

Changing California’s Story


With the public launch of our Forever Forest Campaign, the League scales up our pace, reach, and impact. We shift our focus now to the 1.5 million acres of young, logged forests that surround those islands of ancient trees. These are the old-growth forests of the future—the Forever Forest.

Redwoods nestled in a bed of sorrels

Advancing our mission during a global crisis


According to California’s stay-home order, our staff has been working remotely, pursuing our vision that’s built on a foundation of hope and healing.

diverse group of people surrounded by redwood trees

Connecting Communities and Redwoods


A hike through Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve reflects the League’s vision for linking diverse populations with the restorative power of redwood forests.

Two people standing next to giant Sequoia tree looking very small

Go with the Snow in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks


When the snow falls, the ancient forests of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks ascend to another level of otherworldly. With the forest floor blanketed in fresh powder and the giant sequoia’s evergreen leaves frosted, the trees’ massive trunks glow a vibrant orange against a sea of white. Winter is the time to enjoy the giants while snowshoeing, skiing, and sledding.

The Overstory | The Sequoia Lives On


The Overstory By Richard Powers It’s no surprise that The Overstory won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, because this novel is magnificently written. The book is about forests, their grandeur, their importance, and their destruction. The blight that wiped …