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North Coast Trip 2008- Preview Photos 130
The road to adventure! This one winds through the beautiful North Coast redwoods. Photo by Julie Martin.

I recently drove to Yosemite for a backpacking trip among the giant sequoias near Mariposa. The four days we spent in the park were incredible, of course – so beautiful and restorative. But I expected that. What  surprised me was how lovely the driving part of the trip was, too.

We embarked on our journey in the early morning. My anticipation built as we drove into the sunrise, with the city disappearing in the rearview mirror and the California countryside unfolding before us. There’s something so liberating about the open road, and while “getting there” is probably not going to be entirely “half the fun,” road trips can be a memorable and fun part of your travels in their own right.

A road trip can get you in the right frame of mind for a sojourn in the redwoods. Families and friends have been road-tripping for decades – once you’re all piled in the car, chatting, singing along to the radio or gazing out the window, the scene could be from 1963 or 2013. The road trip remains basically unchanged, and it’s nice for your transportation to have a timeless feel, just like your redwoods destination itself.

The drive home also provides a nice, easy transition back to “real life.” There’ll be no long lines or missed connections; you can go at your own pace and stop whenever and wherever you want. You could plan a multi-stop tour of several parks, or make impromptu detours along the way. It’s entirely up to you.

However you decide to get there, be sure to visit a state or national park – or a few of them! – this summer. You can download the League’s free Parent’s Guide to the Coast Redwoods to get the most out of the experience.

Have you had any memorable road trip experiences, or tips for making the most of the journey? Please share them!

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Kelsey Piras

Kelsey Piras is a writer and editor based in London. Her Northern California roots and time among the redwoods are endless sources of inspiration and awe.

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