Bears at Red Hill

Turns out this giant sequoia grove hosts a lot of wildlife

A couple days ago, we shared some great new photos of Pacific fishers at our Red Hill property. Right on the heels of that, our cameras picked up some great shots of bears exploring the giant sequoia grove. Again, we want to thank Joe Medley with Colibri Ecological Consulting who set up the cameras.

Bear at Red Hill Bear at Red Hill bears at Red Hill

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One Response to “Bears at Red Hill”

  1. Mike Nicholas

    Happy to see the Bears still thriving along with the other wildlife at the Grove at Red Hill. I can remember doing some survey work there with my son, Josh, when a large Bear came around a Giant Sequoia running past us. Seems as though he was more afraid of us than we were of him. What a wonderful sight and we hope it stays that way for all the critters that call it home. Thank You for sharing the Cam… Mike Nicholas


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