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You’re invited to read our Climate Change Edition of Redwoods magazine that’s online now.

What does the latest research reveal about how redwoods are faring as the climate changes? How can today’s youths become tomorrow’s climate champions? Where can I find ways to play in urban redwoods oases? The answers to these questions and more are in Redwoods.

Here’s a sneak peek inside the edition.

Stephen Sillett ventures into the redwood canopy

Discovering the Climate Change Resilience of Coast Redwood Forests

After a decade studying the impacts of climate change throughout redwood forests, the Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative (RCCI) shares new insight into how coast redwood trees are growing today. Emily Burns, PhD, and Stephen Sillett, PhD (pictured), present remarkable findings about second-growth redwood forests and how they can increasingly provide measurable benefits in greenhouse gas reduction. Photo by Marie Antoine.
Fog provides coast redwoods with much of the moisture they need

Can Redwoods Survive a Hotter Planet?

Redwoods debuts Community Voices, a series in which guest writers share their perspectives on redwood forests. Mark Hertsgaard, environment correspondent for The Nation magazine, says if we humans do our part, we can build a future in which we and redwoods continue to flourish. Photo by Stephen Sillett.
Amanda Machado (center) visits Redwood Regional Park in Oakland with friends

How Redwoods Helped Connect My Latino Family to the Outdoors

In Redwoods’ new Community Voices series, guest writer Amanda Machado recounts how visiting the redwoods with her family and friends made the outdoors feel culturally like home. “People shouldn’t have to search outside their community to find magic outside,” she writes. Photo by Fig & Olive Photography.
Charred giant sequoia were killed in the 2017 Pier Fire

Ask an Expert: What are ways to promote redwood forests’ resilience?

The staggering number of giant sequoia killed in the 2017 Pier Fire is likely a new phenomenon, highlighting the urgent need for restoration. Kristen Shive, PhD, and Scott Stephens, PhD, explain forest management practices that are crucial for protecting coast redwood and giant sequoia ecosystems as the climate changes. Photo by Kristen Shive.
An ancient redwood in the Grove of Titans. Photo by Max Forster

Heroes Unite for Superhero Trees

The League, members, and partners are supporting a campaign to mitigate the impacts of off-trail hikers after the secret location of the Grove of Titans was revealed. Learn about the project to protect some of the world’s largest and oldest coast redwoods from being loved to death. Photo by Max Forster.

The League’s twice-yearly Redwoods magazine presents redwoods news, stories of how we are realizing our vision for our next century, breathtaking photos, answers to readers’ questions, details on parks to visit, images from our archive, readers’ stories and photos, and how you can help the forest. View the Spring-Summer 2019 edition online.

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