Video: An important message from Sam Hodder

It has been four weeks since the League closed its San Francisco and Northern California offices. But our important work serving the public hasn’t stopped.

Connect with the redwoods from the comfort of your home
Feeling a little overwhelmed by the stress of the day? We’ve pulled together videos, playlists, and other fun stuff to help you get the benefits of the redwoods even though you’re stuck at home.

Redwoods Resources Learning Center
Here is a collection of more learning resources to support environmental literacy and redwood education.

Status of park closures
We’re monitoring the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on redwoods parks. Check the most updated list we have of these parks.

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Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has protected and restored redwood forests and connected people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish.

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4 Responses to “Video: An important message from Sam Hodder”

  1. Diana Stork

    In 2016, I took a group of harpists (Bay Area Youth Harp Ensemble Save the Redwoods tour, summer 2016) up into the Avenue of the Giants area and we made some videos to help raise awareness of these beautiful trees. If you’d like to check them out and like them on your website, please feel:
    We also have some beautiful pictures of the harpists playing in the redwoods if you’d like any of those, let me know. They’re quite special.
    Thank-you for all you do!
    Diana Stork
    Director Multicultural Music

  2. Zoe Becker

    SAM ~Thank you so much for the heartfelt depth of your message ! I spent my childhood swaying in the wind at the top of Pennsylvania Pines and now I love the Redwoods majesty and silent wisdom.

  3. Sharon Furlong

    There is nothing like walking in dappled sunlight through old growth redwoods……the hush, the muted bird songs, the touches of bright colors of flowering plants here and there. Towering trees, profusion of different shades of greens and browns, sometimes the tinkling of water, but mostly not. Walking in redwoods is always a profound experience. It gets one close to the essence of meaning and the uplift of gratitude. I live on the East Coast and can only dream of redwoods or return to them in my memories. Thank you to the League for the vital work you have always done and continue to do.

  4. mr. Ira Sigal

    Many years ago as a kids my family and I would drive up to the redwoods in Northern California. Very beautiful up there. We need to save the Redwoods and not cut them down. I drove through there with my middle brother the end of July 1978. Still very beautiful. We did go camping for a few days. Very scenic drive. Very pretty country up there.

    Ira Sigal


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