Defiant Redwood of the Week: Grizzly Giant

Grizzly Giant is the definition of being tough through hard times. As we face Covid-19, it is telling you to bend--don't break.
The Grizzly Giant, a giant sequoia, is among the most popular attractions in Yosemite National Park’s Mariposa Grove. Grizzly Giant is the definition of being tough through hard times. #Redwoods4ever

This is a serious tree.

If a tree could talk, the eternal message from this 210-foot-tall giant sequoia in Yosemite’s Mariposa Grove would be Bring It On.

At roughly 3,000 years old and 1,500 tons, it is the very definition of brash endurance.

  • It has survived countless lightning strikes, forest fires, gale force winds, heavy snows, and drought.
  • It has outlasted the ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire, and has gazed patiently down on innumerable calamities unfolding beneath its tangled branches.
  • You’ve heard the term “bend, don’t break?” This tree invented “bend, don’t break.”

And it’s here to tell all of us that if we stay grounded, hold to the plan, and play to our strengths, we will be OK.

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Garrison Frost

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