Donors rally to jumpstart recovery of beloved Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Contributions will fund immediate needs and help plan for rebuilding

Visitor Center building burned to the ground after the fire
Headquarters at Big Basin Redwoods State Park shortly after fire on Aug. 18, 2020.

News that wildfire had destroyed most of the buildings and facilities at Big Basin Redwoods State Park created an outpouring of generosity over the past two weeks from donors looking to speed up the iconic park’s comeback. Thanks to committed League donors, more than 585 people have given more than $80,000 to the Big Basin Recovery Fund. We especially want to thank our friends at Pachama for providing a $5,000 match to help inspire folks to give to the Fund. 

This money, as well as money raised by our partner Sempervirens Fund, will be put to good use funding the park’s immediate recovery needs, as well as help lay the groundwork for its eventual reconstruction.

Save the Redwoods League continues to broaden its effort to support fire recovery for all redwood parks impacted by the late summer fires, as well as create new redwood park experiences for the next generation of diverse Californians.

The fires of the last two weeks have devastated a wide swath of California. More than two million acres have burned, exacting a tremendous toll on our communities in the form of lost homes and businesses, terrifying evacuations, and poor air quality across the region. As in many disasters, the loss can be hard to fully comprehend and our hearts are with those suffering with this reality. During challenging times like this, it’s encouraging to see a community come together for something they love. The loss of infrastructure of Big Basin Redwoods State Park was so upsetting that it galvanized people to take action. 

Big Basin Redwoods State Park welcomes more than a million visitors a year, providing a convenient gateway for the large communities of the Bay Area to the wonders of our iconic redwood forests. The loss of the headquarters, campgrounds, museum, and other structures — has closed the park indefinitely. But your support has meant a lot to our park partners, we are all hopeful and focused on rebuilding efforts. 

Big Basin Redwoods State Park is going to need help to get back on its feet, and it is not the only redwood park that has experienced fire in recent weeks. We are only at the beginning of California’s fire season and we’re bracing ourselves for others. It’s a reminder of the importance of our parks — for our recreation, health, and inspiration. Thank you to those who were able to give generously to help rebuild this iconic and beloved redwood park. All of us at the League are grateful for your support.

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Kate Berry is the Senior Manager of Annual Giving. She manages the League’s comprehensive and integrated annual giving program. She is a Bay Area native, loves 80’s music, and her favorite place to see redwoods is Hendy Woods State Park.

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  1. Alan Perrault

    Forest management should have cleaned up the underbrush a long time ago. Too much underbrush that caught fire. That’s why the fire spread so quickly. That’s why we don’t have a Big Basin anymore. Not in my time at least.


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