It’s About the Children!

There are so many reasons to move State Parks forward.  For me, the first reason is for our children.

Photo by Julie Martin
Photo by Julie Martin

Remember how much fun you had in the forest as a child?  I recall digging for bugs in the dirt at the base of a tree, holding hands while circling a giant oak tree,  playing hide-and-seek in the campground.  And, of course, brilliant red, yellow and orange leaves blanketing the (Michigan) autumn forest floor.

California State Parks needs our help.  For the sake of our children and our children’s children, we must re-invest in our State Parks.  Our parents and grandparents invested millions to protect beautiful portions of our redwood forest.  They built campgrounds, visitors’ centers and restrooms.  They created spaces to picnic and play. They set aside places to sit, to hike and to ponder nature’s wonders.

Now it is our turn.

Please write to the Parks Forward Commission with your support for adequate funding for California State Parks: funding for operations, maintenance and improved facilities.

Please leave a comment with your ideas about how the League—a long-term partner of State Parks—can help.

We can make a difference.  We must do this… for our children and our children’s children.

Thank you.

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