Student Perspectives: Are You Busy? Slow Down by Keeping up with Muir

Student Perspectives: This blog series was written by San Francisco State University students for the Recreational Use of Parks and Protected Areas course. The goal of the blog assignment was to show how student support of redwood parks can create new ways to foster equal access to nature by diverse communities. For this assignment, each student visited a local redwood park and wrote about their experience. Enjoy!

Are You Busy? Slow Down by Keeping up with Muir

by Michael Yang

Photo by Michael Yang, SFSU Student Perspectives blogger
Photo by Michael Yang
Life can be hectic. You have school, work, and responsibilities to take care of. Add a busy city with thousands of people and your life is even more chaotic. A typical day in your life probably starts off with missing the bus because it’s overcrowded. You are then tossed into the big city dealing with a hectic work environment. You come back home to do homework, cook dinner, raise kids, do laundry, or other chores. Here is how Muir Woods can help you slow down while keeping you immersed in the city vibe.

Muir Woods is a beautiful Redwood National Monument. It is located on the outskirts of San Francisco, California and it provides a wonderful escape from a busy city life. The park has beautiful redwoods, the tallest tree species in the world! A walkable trail allows you to safely enjoy the natural environment around you. Muir Woods is a majestic place that is popular and open to all. Escaping out here offers you the diversity of the city in a natural, serene, and calm environment.

Photo by Michael Yang, SFSU Student Perspectives blogger
Photo by Michael Yang
Follow these steps to plan your next visit.

  1. Pick a day for yourself, or a few family and friends.
  2. Drive or take the Shuttle out to Muir Woods. (external link)
  3. Pay the small entrance fee. (Or visit the parks on one of these free days.) (external link)
  4. Follow the marked trails and tour the natural surroundings.
  5. Most importantly, have fun and remember to look up!

Everyone has a hectic life, and everyone needs a break. Muir Woods is also a growing diverse community with all types of people enjoying it every day. Enjoy the diversity of Bay Area cities and slow down your busy life by keeping up with Muir Woods.

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Student Perspectives

We appreciate being able to contribute our experiences and our knowledge to the Save the Redwoods League community through these blog entries and hope that our work can support your cause and our communities.

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