New Members Centennial Grove 2018 Supports Stewardship

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More than 1,400 members contributed to the League’s first crowdfunded grove in Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest, a League-owned property.

Members Centennial Grove 2018 is in the League-owned Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest next to Portola Redwoods State Park. Photo by Jennifer Verhines
Members Centennial Grove 2018 is in the League-owned Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest next to Portola Redwoods State Park. Photo by Jennifer Verhines

In the Santa Cruz Mountains lies a lush, secret gem where time stands still and surprises delight the senses around every corner. Only a 45-minute drive from San Jose near Portola Redwoods State Park, ancient coast redwoods rise from carpets of sorrel along rippling Peters Creek. This hidden wonder is the 145-acre Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest, protected from subdivision and development by Save the Redwoods League and our supporters in 2014.

We marked another great milestone for this League-owned forest in 2018: More than 1,400 League members contributed to reaching our $100,000 goal in our first crowdfunding effort to dedicate the Members Centennial Grove 2018. The grove commemorates the League’s Centennial and 100 years of collaboration with our members to protect and restore redwoods and connect people to their peace and beauty.

With the generous contributions to the Members Centennial Grove 2018 to support our stewardship of Peters Creek Old-Growth Forest, this unique home of towering giants will stand healthy and strong for future generations to experience.

Thank you so much for helping us dedicate the Members Centennial Grove 2018. We look forward to inviting contributors on a hike to this special grove in 2019.

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About Kate Berry


Kate Berry is the Senior Manager of Annual Giving. She manages the League’s comprehensive and integrated annual giving program. She is a Bay Area native, loves 80’s music, and her favorite place to see redwoods is Hendy Woods State Park.

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