League welcomes new Director of California State Parks

Armando Quintero brings a wealth of experience to new role

Trail along a redwood forest
California State Parks protects 280 parks statewide, like Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Photo by Ginny Dexter.

On behalf of Save the Redwoods League, I want to congratulate Director Armando Quintero and enthusiastically welcome him to the California State Parks family. Today is his first day on the job. We look forward to working with him and continuing the 93 years of collaboration and partnership between Save the Redwoods League and California State Parks.

Armando Quintero
Armando Quintero

We are honored by that partnership and grateful for the hard work and dedication of Director Lisa Mangat, who has been an extraordinary leader of State Parks through a six-year period of transformation and positive change. Under her direction the League and California State Parks have advanced transformational projects, including Redwoods Rising and the Grove of Titans elevated walkway. Mangat and California State Parks were also instrumental in celebrating the League’s centennial in 2018, which brought new energy to our shared vision for redwood parks in California. Her thoughtful leadership has been critical right up to her departure on Aug. 31 as exemplified by her response to the wildfires currently burning in the redwood parks in Santa Cruz and Sonoma Counties.

Director Quintero has had a long and outstanding career in parks and conservation, including his work to engage, train and inspire the next generation of park leaders. He brings more than 20 years of experience with the National Park Service, including assignments in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Point Reyes National Seashore, and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. He is committed to partnerships as key to the stewardship of our treasured parks, and the Board and staff at Save the Redwoods League look forward to advancing our partnership in California’s coast redwood and giant sequoia parks.

Save the Redwoods League treasures the spirit of partnership we have shared with the California Department of Parks and Recreation since 1927, when we helped unite and form the California State Parks system. We look forward to building upon our legacy of partnership with incoming Director Quintero to ensure that our careful stewardship of California’s iconic coast redwood and giant sequoia forests continue.

Our state parks are among California’s greatest treasures. Our vigorous, longstanding defense of not just our coast redwoods and giant sequoia, but also our beaches, deserts, mountains, and everything in between for the health and happiness of all Californians, is perhaps our greatest legacy. Safeguarding this legacy will be Quintero’s greatest charge in his new role. Save the Redwoods League looks forward to supporting him in that critical effort.

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President and Chief Enthusiast for the Outdoors (CEO) of Save the Redwoods League, Sam brings more than 25 years of experience in overseeing land conservation programs from the remote wilderness to the inner city.

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  1. Mikel Clifford

    Brave lad, Mr. Armando Quintero. Here’s hoping he doesn’t feel he’s just been named the new Captain of the Titanic on the afternoon of April 14th, 1912.


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