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Drone’s-Eye View of the Orick Mill Site

Orick MillWhen you drive north on Highway 101, just past the small town of Orick, you will begin to marvel at the giant redwoods of Redwood National and State Parks. There is no sign letting you know you have arrived; you just slowly become shaded by the great canopies towering above you.

These four parks (Redwood National Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park) shelter 133,000 acres of amazing landscapes, from the tallest old-growth redwoods in the world to coastal bluffs and crystal-clear forest streams. They house numerous endangered and threatened species as well as bears, elk, mountain lions, foxes and even river otters. There is also a rich cultural history in the area, from the Native Americans’ use of the land to the logging industry and later the conservation movement.

Orick, mill, site, concrete removal, mushrooms,forest, redwood trees, river, Redwood Creek, elk,At the southernmost entrance to the park lies a 125-acre former mill site. This land was purchased by the League in September 2013 in order to protect and restore the property to its former beauty. That process is now underway!

The League is leading restoration work that will help the ecological integrity of the forest, wetlands and riparian areas. We will make sure the meadows are suitable for Roosevelt elk to roam free and that Prairie Creek is a functional waterway to support a healthy population of salmon.

Please note that this property is not yet open to the public. For now, check out the video below (created by Jim Campbell-Spickler and William Goldenberg) to view the amazing scenery, and learn more about the Orick Mill Site.

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About Deborah Zierten

Deborah joined the League's staff in 2013 as the Education & Interpretation Manager. She brings with her extensive experience teaching science, developing curriculum and connecting kids to the natural world.

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One Response to “Drone’s-Eye View of the Orick Mill Site”

  1. Maria Celia Hernandez

    Dear Redwood Redwoods League
    I love what heavens and Nature greatest gifts been given to all. Because of what has happened to other forest and green land been silently burned.
    I want to tell you , That it would be worth to keep these under grab . Just to ask for the support to Protect these trees and lands and specially the clean river.Every time I see a land been destroyed, wild animals killed other burned and I and thousands of people not able to do anything it hurts so bad. ,Some do not appreciate what life ,nature and heavens has given to all without asking for anything.But to recognize that it needs to be Protected and conserve .Both the living treasures of Green lands trees wild animals the rivers the ocean wild animals and the ocean .So important to all around the world.Every time I see in the internet the news an animal been killed to just been used for a rug, the head for hanging it to the wall like the person was a hero,It revolts my stomach , I cried,anger and pain comes to me.

    Because I can not understand how can anyone do such a thing,And more not listen how dangerous it is becoming the Toxic oi been used and drilled in all the lands that has been done. Everything done against the earth, the forests ,animals all does hit home one day. Please don’t say exactly where these trees are and where wild animals are as the same the clean water rives .For the sake to give a chance for those precious places that deserve to be respected . I advocate for many organizations and I write e letters inside their Petitions.

    I sincerely can not donate, because I do not work, nor can work. Have no help from family and children.What I receive it all goes to the bills.I am so sadden that Corporate are destroying ,Forests, the US lands , dirtying the ocean with black toxic oil, hurting the creatures under water, the air , damaging Nature’s most important tool that is needed to support the hit and cold to protect all living creatures,plants and clean rivers; They care about nothing that it is so important for survival and protection from the Rays of the sun and what may come after the Ice be melt ;To rising of the ocean In credible height.

    I will advocate as i did in the past ; Asking for their support to donate .
    Today is getting harder to have the people to support important organizations and Our Democrats which The US needs to make real responsible changes .Because the Republicans has gone Crazy, Spending in adds and it pushes the democrats to make ads to defend from all the lies these republicans and today Trump are saying and creating chaos in different ways .

    Also adding many action and decisions that hurt and will keep hurting this country, the people and all the important thing we all most care and protect. Everything he is stating that he all ready made a map of what he will do ,All have damage to what we are tying to protect ,conserve and work together to avoid all the disaster this man wants to create .He stands to reverse all that it is beneficial for our forest, lands , ocean, animals, health , the Climate Change .Climate Change One of the Most important action need to be don today; To lower the sun rays,the high raising of the ocean ,clean the air and slow the Climate change force and destruction from storms. It is so Irresponsible of the Republicans and Trump dreams and corporate ways to manage this Nation .Which it is the worst decisions actions and reversal of today hard work by the Democrats, People ,and more.

    I will send today a message asking for some support.
    I want to thank you for what you are doing.Even though I can never visit those special places and see the beauty God create, I thank for. The Democrats and Mrs. Clinton need supporters and endorsers.Who will stand for this 2 two last months and the near need result to win this Election. because if this does not en in Victory for the Democrats in this Nation ,There is allot of things that will be change and not for the benefit of our Climate, forest, lands, ocean ,rivers, and many things that our Democrats Leaders has been protecting,saving, and doing many things ; That the republican Senate ,Representatives and now Trump wants to break.
    With due respects I do not know if you vote or not if you are republican or not. But what i do know is that no one should not let this happen to our Government ,our Country,our Nation , Wildlife animals, and what the people deserve to keep moving forward the economy and work together for the betterment and well being of all and all.I sty day and night standing advocating for all that is been put in danger ,

    For the people and Our responsible leaders to stand for what it is decent ,right , responsible for the sake of this Government, the people and the future of the Children of this nation and others who we support to saved , protect and lead for better life for them; an stable and prosperous future.

    I apologies for any inconvenience of time taken from you. But to me this is very important. Because there the Redwood can be put in danger if there comes a decision made by the Republicans ,Corporate and Trump. The Redwood league is very important for the future of that Forest and its beautiful and enormous Iconic trees.
    Thank you.
    Ms. Maria Celia Hernandez 9-25-2016


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