Carry an old-growth redwood in your back pocket

New Coast Redwood Canopy App takes you high into the trees

researchers in tree
The new Coast Redwood Canopy App lets you go high into the trees with researchers. Photo courtesy California State Parks.

Old-growth redwood forests are unlike anything else on the planet. The tallest trees in the world dominate their prehistoric landscape, but did you know an unexplored world exists hundreds of feet above the ground? The redwood canopy teems with ferns, endangered birds, flying squirrels, and even aquatic organisms. 

Prior to the 1970s, scientists believed that redwood canopies were devoid of most life due to high levels of bitter tannic acid found in their wood and bark. That perception changed when researchers started climbing these trees in the 1970s and found the outstretched limbs of ancient redwoods spouting entire forests of their own. Thanks in part to research funded by Save the Redwoods League, we have a better understanding today of this unique and seldom-seen ecosystem.

You can now explore the ancient redwood canopy yourself with the Coast Redwood Canopy App California State Parks and the National Park Service have partnered with Timelooper to bring you this unique and seldom seen ecological treasure trove using AR/ VR technology and stunning 360 video footage shot hundreds of feet above the ground. Explore the heights of an ancient redwood tree from the comfort of your own home by projecting the 320-foot tree onto your coffee table or kitchen floor. Join scientists Steve Sillett and Jim Campbell-Spickler as they make their first ascent into the redwood, and help them search for elusive wandering salamanders hidden in soil mats 6-feet deep.

redwood on desk
The Coast Redwood Canopy App lets you project a redwood anyway using virtual reality.

By experiencing the redwood canopy up close, we hope viewers will appreciate the fragility of this rare ecosystem, found only among the 4.5% of ancient redwood forests that remain. It is up to all of us to make sure these prehistoric time capsules are protected for future generations. Begin your exploration now of the Coast Redwood Canopy App, available for free in the iPhone App store and the Android Google Play store.

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Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has protected and restored redwood forests and connected people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish.

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