Have You Seen the League’s 1st Parent’s Guide to the Coast Redwoods?

It is available for free download – just click here.

It identifies the most impressive redwood parks with the biggest, gnarliest trees. It also leads you to the most accessible and the most secluded. And it offers so much more!

The guide suggests how to make a hike fun for your children, like looking for animals, counting bugs, exploring a redwood stump and walking in silence – and then discussing what was heard. My personal advice to parents taking your children on a hike: always bring a friend (or two); IMG_2664it results in much less kvetching.

Your daughter or son can even become a citizen scientist and help the League track climate change.

The guide also suggests fun games to play in the car, like Redwood Twenty Questions.

The guide is free, so check it out and please send us your suggested additions and improvements.  We all want to know!

Thanks in advance.

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About Harry Pollack

Harry joined Save the Redwoods League’s staff in 2011 as the General Counsel. He brings over 30 years of experience in the fields of law and real estate transactions.

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