Why I Support Measure AA

The Peninsula is home to special natural places like this one. Photo by Julie Martin
The Peninsula is home to special natural places like this one. Photo by Julie Martin

Here’s why I will be knocking on doors for Measure AA this week, and why I think you should too!

I live in Palo Alto. As Peninsula residents know, one of the best reasons to live here is the amazing open space just minutes from home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. My family can be immersed in redwoods solitude less than an hour from our home.

Measure AA will ensure that terrific open space resources are adequately maintained, and where additional redwood forests and other open spaces can be protected cost effectively, it will do that as well.

We owe this measure to the legacy of those who came before us and bequeathed to us the awesome open spaces we enjoy today — and we especially owe it to the generations who will come after us in enjoying and conserving these resources!

Remember that Measure AA must receive the support of two-thirds of the voters, so we have a very high bar set for us. Please join me in supporting Measure AA any and every way you can during this last week of the campaign!

If you live on the Peninsula and would like to help:

  1. Email your name and phone number to the Measure AA campaign manager Darin Cline at [email protected].
  2. Darin will help you find a training session that works for you.
  3. As part of training, each volunteer will receive instructions, a script and a list of doors to knock on or numbers to call between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.
  4. Our top target cities are Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View and Sunnyvale.

If you live in San Francisco and you’d like to help and, there will be a special phone bank event today, May 27, at the Greenbelt Alliance office downtown (312 Sutter Street, Suite 510) at 5:30 p.m.

Thanks for your support, and most of all, remember to vote Yes on AA!

Andy Vought
Program Director, Portola and Castle Rock Foundation and member of the Board of Directors, Save the Redwoods League

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Andy Vought is the President of Portola and Castle Rock Foundation as well as a League Board Member.

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