Good news for the beloved redwoods of Atkins Place

Nearly 3,000 donors contribute to campaign to protect this critical forest

woman walking in the forest
Adrianna Andreucci, Save the Redwoods League land protection manager, walks along a trail in Atkins Place. Photo: Max Forster, @maxforsterphotography

Thanks to almost 3,000 donors across the United States and the globe, we successfully raised the funds needed to protect Atkins Place! As you’ll remember, Atkins Place is a 453-acre redwood landscape that shares a three-quarter-mile boundary with the northern edge of Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve. Our goal was to raise $1.3 million by June 30 to protect this beautiful and critical corridor. 

With these funds in hand, we hope to finalize the purchase of Atkins Place this fall.

This piece of the puzzle will bolster the health of Montgomery Woods while protecting 1.25 miles of steelhead and coho salmon-bearing streams.

We are grateful to our friends at Google and the California Natural Resource Agency–as well as  the Clark Family, the Pitzer Family Foundation, the Daniel Ross Gallie Trust and John McCabe–who made generous contributions to help us protect this gem in the coast redwood range. We are also grateful to the anonymous matching donor who matched all gifts up to $10,000 on our deadline day of June 30. We appreciate all our donors who helped to make this dream a reality. 

Thank you to everyone who helped to safeguard the redwoods at Atkins Place. Each of us feels a unique and personal connection to the redwoods and your support ensures the people from all walks of life will help to write the story of the redwoods in the years to come. 

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