My Favorite Redwood Park: A Gateway to the North Coast Redwoods and to My Own Future

League Conservation Programs Associate, Adrianna Andreucci​, visits Humboldt Redwoods State Park as a child.
League Conservation Programs Associate, Adrianna Andreucci​, visits Humboldt Redwoods State Park as a child.
My favorite redwood park would have to be Humboldt Redwoods State Park. I grew up visiting it every summer as a child and have extremely fond memories of hiking and biking there with my dad. We camped nearby in Myers Flat at the Giant Redwoods RV Camp and went into the park each day for a different activity.

HRSP can be accessed from Highway 101 or the scenic Avenue of the Giants (Highway 254). I think the most interesting feature is the glorious Eel River. There are tons of places to access it within the park, and the swimming holes are amazing.

I was at Humboldt Redwoods this year for a site visit to Founders Grove. I instantly remembered it from my childhood, and it all came rushing back. It was pretty cool to see it again in person and reflect. When I was young I had no idea about the League and its involvement in creating the park. Even when I was in college and learned about the League I didn’t put the pieces together. It’s pretty cool that I spent so much time as a kid in a place that was created by the organization I now work for! I have really come full circle.

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About Adrianna Andreucci


Adrianna is the Conservation Programs Associate at Save the Redwoods League and is passionate nature advocate. A California native, she joined the League in 2017 after spending many of her childhood summers enjoying the redwood forest.

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