Mendocino County

Photo by Peter Buranzon

Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve


Montgomery Woods is one of the more remote redwood parks in California. Once you’ve navigated the 13 miles of twisty road west of Ukiah, you’ll be rewarded by some of the tallest trees in the world.

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Photo by Paolo Vescia

Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area


Some head to Standish Hickey to hike in its towering redwood forest; others come to leap into a sun-drenched swimming hole in the Wild and Scenic Eel River; still others arrive to relax and recharge in the historic Redwood Campground.

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Admiral William H. Standley State Recreation Area


Vista of ancient redwoods along the Eel River PARK INFORMATION HIGHLIGHTS: Admiral William Standley State Recreation Area is off the beaten path and does not offer any facilities, but if you happen to be cutting through the woods here from Continued

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