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Redwoods Magazine Spring 2019
Check out the New, Special Edition of Redwoods Magazine
Jennifer Benito-Kowalski

You’re invited to read our Climate Change edition of Redwoods magazine that’s online now. What does the latest research reveal about how redwoods are faring as the climate changes? How can today’s youths become tomorrow’s climate champions? Where can I … Continued

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Stephen Sillett ventures into the redwood canopy
Discovering the Climate Change Resilience of Coast Redwood Forests
Save the Redwoods League

Home of some of the tallest and most extraordinary trees in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Portola Redwoods State Park provides visitors with a much-needed escape from life in nearby Silicon Valley.

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Big River, Mendocino Headlands State Park
12 Ways to Make the Most of Summer in the Redwoods
Kelsey Piras

Summer is nearly here, with its long, golden days beckoning us outdoors for warm-weather adventures. Don’t let fall sneak up on you without making the most of this sunshiny season! Here are 12 ways to make the most of summertime in the redwoods.

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Saturday, June 1, is American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day®.
Trail Service World Record to be Set on National Trails Day®
American Hiking Society

On June 1, 2019, individuals across the country will set the world record for the most people improving trails in a single day during the 27th annual American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day®.

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Fog provides coast redwoods with much of the moisture they need
Can Redwoods Survive a Hotter Planet?
Mark Hertsgaard

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe,” John Muir wrote in My First Summer in the Sierra. I was reading a lot of Muir during my first summer in the Sierra, the summer I fell in love with giant sequoia trees.

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Amanda Machado (center) visits Redwood Regional Park in Oakland with friends
Redwoods Helped Connect My Latino Family to the Outdoors
Amanda Machado

Moments like these made a difference. By sharing Redwood Regional Park with family members and later, other friends of color, it became the space where my Latino identity and my outdoorsiness started finally coming together, the space where the outdoors also began to feel culturally like home.

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Scientists completed sequencing the coast redwood and giant sequoia genomes. Photo by Will Kirk of Homewood Photography (JHU)
Seeing the Forest for the Genes
Emily Burns

Researchers just unlocked the genetic codes of our coast redwood and giant sequoia forests, a remarkable milestone in the effort to protect California’s iconic redwood forests and regrow historically logged areas through the protection of the forests’ genomic diversity.

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The Making of an Incredible Redwood Exhibit
Dana Poblete

The Giants of Land and Sea exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences gives an interactive look at one of nature’s most perfect manifestations of ecological balance: In Northern California, an ancient redwood forest cloaks the rocky coastline, drawing life force from the Pacific Ocean to sustain an otherworldly place.

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Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Photo by Jon Parmentier
7 Ways to Celebrate Redwoods
Kelsey Piras

If you missed Earth Day and Arbor Day festivities, you can still mark the occasions belatedly with these seven ways to celebrate our beloved redwoods.

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K-12 Giant Sequoia Tour from Anywhere
Jenny Comperda

Park Interpretive Specialist Jenny Comperda reports from Calaveras Big Trees State Park, where 8,500 students from around the world experienced the giant sequoia forest through the League’s virtual field trips.

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