Forever Forest: The Campaign for the Redwoods

For 100 years, Save the Redwoods League has stood between California’s iconic redwood trees, and the axe. We held the line, saving the last of the world’s ancient redwoods. Today, we’re poised to turn the tide; to shift from slowing degradation to advancing the regeneration of our redwood forests — with your help.

By dramatically scaling up our pace, reach, and impact, we’re changing California’s story, regaining the forests that we almost lost, welcoming visitors from around the world, and inspiring them to follow our lead. We have the experience, opportunity, and responsibility to act now.

When you support the Forever Forest Campaign, you’ll be investing in what matters most: the forests’ resilience, our leadership, our future. We need you with us, shoulder to shoulder, so we can return the world’s most iconic forests to the scale and grandeur they possessed before any of us were born. And when we succeed in doing so, we’ll leave the world better than we found it. Join us.

The Forever Forest Campaign will:

  • Accelerate the pace and scale of redwood forest conservation
  • Protect the remaining old-growth coast redwood and giant sequoia forests, and the young forests that surround them
  • Safeguard entire redwood forest landscapes forever
  • Restore young forests to become the old-growth forests of the future
  • Enhance the health and ecological condition of working forests
  • Lead transformative research in redwood forest ecology, forest regeneration, and to understand the impacts of climate change
  • Establish the global standard for forest restoration and stewardship
  • Reimagine our redwood parks to inspire future generations with the beauty and power of nature


ProtectAlder Creek

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RestoreRedwoods Rising

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ConnectHarold Richardson Redwoods Reserve

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Priority Cascade Creek

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Here is a financial breakdown of the $120 million Forever Forest Campaign. Every dollar goes directly into our programs to protect and restore redwood forests, and connect people to California’s most iconic landscapes.

  • Safeguard the remaining old-growth redwood forests
  • Double the size of coast redwood forests across California
  • Protect working forests and secure the forest footprint
  • Restore young forests to become the old-growth of the future
  • Leverage science to set new standards for redwood forest stewardship
  • Fund transformative coast redwood and giant sequoia research
  • Discover the connections between redwoods and climate change
  • Create world-class redwoods destinations
  • Develop education programs that inspire the next generation of redwoods enthusiasts and stewards
  • Inspire all people with the peace and beauty of nature, making our communities stronger and healthier



As of December 2020, we have raised $95.3 million dollars toward the Forever Forest Campaign goal of $120 million, and leveraged $39 million in public funding to support our work

Together we have:

  • Protected Alder Creek, the last large privately owned giant sequoia property forever.
  • Sequenced the coast redwood and giant sequoia genomes for the first time in history.
  • Initiated work to revitalize the visitor experience in the famous Grove of Titans in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.





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