REDWOODS Autumn/Winter 2018

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Redwoods Magazine Autumn/Winter 2018

Dear Save the Redwoods League Friends,

Welcome to this special edition of Redwoods during our extraordinary Centennial year. The California State Legislature recognized Save the Redwoods League for 100 years of protecting redwood forests, and the California State Senate resolved that 2018 is the Year of the Redwoods. In this edition, we celebrate our Centennial, our legacy of leadership, and the launch of our conservation vision for the future.

First and foremost, we describe our recently released State of Redwoods Conservation Report, detailing our assessment of the current condition of the coast redwood and giant sequoia forests and presenting the scientific underpinnings of our conservation plan for the future. We outline that plan, the Centennial Vision for Redwoods Conservation, including our bold objectives and strategies for our second century of redwoods conservation leadership.

You’ll also read how this year we are taking substantial steps toward achieving goals in our Vision: the protection of two of the three largest unprotected old-growth groves remaining in the giant sequoia and coast redwood ranges. The 160-acre Red Hill property is one of the great natural gems of the Sierra Nevada, and the 730-acre Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve is the largest privately owned old-growth redwood forest in California. To protect either one would be extraordinary. To secure both in our Centennial year is a terrific conservation achievement.

Now is a moment of opportunity and optimism. We are poised to set in motion the regeneration of vibrant redwood forests of the scale and grandeur that once graced the California coast and the Sierra Nevada, and ensure they are protected forever and restored to grow old again. In so doing, we will untether the redwoods’ unique ability to store carbon, provide critical habitat, and restore resilience in California’s landscape. We will connect people to these forests through magnificent parks that inspire visitors from near and far with the power and beauty of nature, elevating the redwoods as a central element of our collective experience.

We invite you to join us at this historic moment.

Sam Hodder
President and Chief Executive Officer
Save the Redwoods League

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Redwoods Remind Us of Life’s Wisdom

I was glad to get a copy of the autumn/winter [2017] edition of Redwoods magazine. The beautiful photography reminded me of my short and extensive trips through redwoods country over the decades, and the emotional power that these trees have when you see them up close. They remind us that the world into which we have been born is very old and filled with the wisdom of life. At the same moment that the great trees make us feel physically small and short-lived, they also elevate us by making us feel that we are part of something magnificent and fundamentally mysterious.

I would like to suggest several changes for your magazine.

First, please add more maps. Second, your articles blur the distinction between sequoias and redwoods. Please keep this clear. Third, it would be interesting to keep up with the work of Stephen Sillett and the ecosystem of the redwood tops.

Thanks for the great work you do. It gives a loft to life.

—Paul R Fleischman

Editor’s Note: Paul, we’re so glad you like the inaugural issue of Redwoods. We’re pleased to incorporate your suggestions, including coverage of forest ecologist Stephen Sillett’s role in our work to restore coast redwood and giant sequoia forests; see the story.

A Splendid Beginning

Congratulations to you and your staff for the excellent new [Autumn/Winter 2017] magazine. I found every article and photo of great interest. I’m already looking forward to the next issue. I wish I could jump into my car and slowly explore each and every redwood forest you are protecting. Thanks to all of you for the splendid new publication.

—Clare Wheeler-Sias


Ask an Expert

How Is Forest Management Changing?

Today’s society expects our forests to provide clean air and water, wood products, and places to enjoy recreation.


Experiences of a Lifetime

Our recommendations for unforgettable times in coast redwood and giant sequoia parks.


Red Hill: A Giant Win for Conservation

One of the world’s last privately owned ancient giant sequoia forests is
protected forever.


Explore Our Interactive Timeline

Learn about pivotal moments in the history of redwood forests and how the League showed that it is possible to stop the destruction of a natural treasure.


An Extraordinary Moment: Presenting the Vision for Meeting Some of Our Forests’ Most Significant Challenges

Learn how together we can heal and grow the old-growth forests for generations to come.


Three Reviews

The Future of Conservation in America, Big Tree Hikes of Sequoia Country, and Tall Tall Tree.


Redwoods as Catalysts for Change

A national conservation leader discusses new directions for protecting our natural
resources in turbulent times.


Hidden Ancient Haven Saved

The League, donors, and a family protect Harold Richardson Redwoods Reserve, which will become the first ancient redwood park created in a generation.


Celebrating a Century of Success

Communities marked the League’s 100th anniversary at exhibits, a festival, a major league baseball game, and the launch of a historic restoration project.


The Race to Restore

Learn how we can bring back the redwoods that support rare species, inspire the world, and play an outsized role in storing carbon.

Advocacy Briefs

3 Measures to Support Our Forests

Prop 68 bolsters League parks and climate change work; a marijuana-related act boosts restoration; and an Oakland measure is on the November ballot.


A Cool, Creamy Dessert Inspired by the Forest

An executive chef shares his exquisite creation served at the Save the
Redwoods League Centennial Celebration Gala.


A Tribute to a Late Redwoods Champion

Wendy Hayward, a member of the League’s Board of Directors, was a thoughtful and generous leader and supporter of major League initiatives.


Share Why You Stand for the Redwoods

Join our members and fans who explain why the redwoods inspire them.


The Centennial Celebration Continues: Join Us

Come to special events through December 2018 to mark the 100-year conservation legacy of Save the Redwoods League.


Reading Contest Inspires Kids Nationwide

Nearly 900 children explore the magic of the redwoods and win fantastic prizes as part of the League’s Centennial celebration.

Photo Display

Train Station Takeover Raises Awareness of Redwoods

The League brings the beauty of the redwood forest to thousands of San Francisco commuters through October 15, 2018.


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Since 1918, Save the Redwoods League has protected and restored redwood forests and connected people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish. Your donations help us purchase redwood forests and the surrounding lands needed to nurture them; regenerate logged forests so they become spectacular havens for future generations; study how to best protect and restore these global treasures; and introduce people to these magical places.

Charles Krug

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Commemorative Centennial Book

Heyday is proud to present The Once and Future Forest: California’s Iconic Redwoods, showcasing the grandeur of the redwood ecosystems that sustain California and the deep love they have engendered in scientists, writers, artists, and the public. Redwoods magazine readers can get a 25% discount! Order with code RM1AC.

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2018 Legacy Gift Match

When you create a legacy gift this year, it will immediately generate $1,000 for the League! Peggy Light, a League Board of Directors member, has offered to help us reach our Centennial year goal of 100 new Redwood Legacy members by matching each new Legacy Circle gift with an immediate gift of $1,000, up to $100,000.
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Centennial Celebration Gala

Join us on October 13, 2018, to benefit League Education and Parks Support Programs. Enjoy an elegant cocktail reception, dinner, live auction and a performance by Mickey Hart, Bob Weir and Friends with special guest John Mayer.

Thanks to Our Sponsors and Partners

Save the Redwoods League thanks our generous Centennial sponsors and partners for celebrating 100 years of protecting redwoods. Together we are sharing the story of California’s redwood forests and building awareness of what it means to save redwoods for the next century.
Sponsors and Partners


Shelana deSilvaShelana deSilva is the League’s Director of Government Affairs and Public Funding. She has a strong record of helping national and statewide nonprofits lead campaigns and secure public funding.
Jerry EmoryJerry Emory, the League’s Centennial Communications Manager, has written five books and dozens of magazine articles about environmental issues, travel, and science in Latin America and the western United States.
Max ForsterMax Forster is a coast redwood enthusiast and photographer based in Humboldt County, California. His work has been published by American Forests and various online outlets.
Jerry FranklinJerry Franklin, a League Councilor, is Professor Emeritus of Forest Ecosystems at the University of Washington. He is a world-leading authority on sustainable forest management.
Glen MartinGlen Martin was an environmental reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle for many years, and has contributed to more than 50 magazines, including Discover, Audubon, Forbes, and Outside.
Jon ParmentierJon Parmentier says he was lucky to spend seven years among the redwoods, photographing them, hiking and composing music.
Kelsey PirasKelsey Piras is a writer and editor based in London. Her Northern California roots and time among the redwoods are endless sources of inspiration and awe.
Mike ShoysMike Shoys is a lifelong resident of the redwood range. A life of backpacking, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits led him to become a passionate conservation photographer.
Andrew SlackAndrew Slack, a former League Forest Fellow, has a background in forest ecology and spent two years working to advance landscape restoration projects in Redwood and National State Parks.
Madeleine TurnerMadeleine Turner holds a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading or running under the redwoods.
Paolo VesciaPaolo Vescia is a lover of trees and an award-winning photographer based in Pacifica, California. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Smithsonian, Rolling Stone, and various California newspapers.