Restore | Annual Report 2017

Setting young redwood forests on a trajectory to become the old-growth wonderlands for future generations

Regaining the Magnificence of the Coast Redwood Heartland

Together with our conservation partners, we are taking action to put the redwood homeland back on the path to vibrance and vitality. We call this collaboration Redwoods Rising, and we are focusing our efforts in and around Redwood National and State Parks. We will acquire land near established parks, connect preserves, heal damaged forests, and expand opportunities for visitors to the redwoods. We have the opportunity to create the redwood forest of the future, a forest of giants rising from the coastal mists of the historic range of Sequoia sempervirens.

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Reducing Wildfire Risk in Shady Dell, Cape Vizcaino, Beaver Creek

Consistent with our restoration goals, we reduced accumulations of highly combustible vegetation on a total of 46 acres at our Shady Dell and Cape Vizcaino properties and at Beaver Creek near Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Dead branches, thick brush and closely packed, spindly saplings could fuel catastrophic wildfires and threaten our efforts to accelerate old-growth characteristics in younger redwood forests. This initial step in our restoration work returns nutrients to the forest floor, benefiting redwoods and native understory plants.

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Leading the Charge in San Vicente Redwoods

The 8,500-acre San Vicente Redwoods is the largest privately held tract in Santa Cruz County and a critical component of the Santa Cruz Mountains biome. With owners Peninsula Open Space Trust and Sempervirens Fund, we are working to conserve this magnificent forest forever. We led the planning for the first forest restoration project, including strategic thinning of dense young stands. Restoration projects including thinning and prescribed fires will accelerate old-growth characteristics in the forest, benefitting a number of imperiled wildlife species.

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Protect | Annual Report 2017


Protect: Save the Redwoods League accomplishments 9n 2017 to safeguard ancient redwoods and the vibrant forest landscapes that sustain them.

Connect | Annual Report 2017


Connect: Save the Redwoods League accomplishments in 2017 to link people to the peace and beauty of the California redwoods through a network of world-class parks and protected areas.