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Marking Latino Conservation Week, League President Sam Hodder writes about the joy he feels in sharing the spectacular redwood forest with everyone, including communities who have less opportunity to visit the outdoors. This year, a League-sponsored excursion introduced 20 young adults from the Los Angeles area to the magnificent Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park, home to five of the world’s largest trees.

Learn more about why trips like these are so important.

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Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. Photo by Tom Burke, Flickr Creative Commons 5 Sweet Swimming Holes Under the Redwoods

Hiking and swimming go together like a hot meal and a cool drink — one is invigorating, the other is refreshing. Together, they make a wonderful combo. So, where are some great places to swim under the redwoods? We’ve gathered five great recommendations for you. Dive right in!

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