Study shows bats’ resilience after giant sequoia fire

The Physiological Ecology of Bats in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, Informed by Fire Management


Climate change is increasing the intensity and frequency of wildfires, and many animal species may be at risk in this new normal. Bats are considered ecosystem indicators because they occupy a wide variety of niches and because they are very sensitive to changes in their habitat and the climate.

With this in mind, Anna Doty, PhD, led a study of California myotis bats in the South Fork region of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park following the SQF Complex fire. This fire burned nearly 174,000 acres in 2020, leaving behind a patchwork of unburned and burned land, ranging in low to severe burn severity. Doty wanted to understand if the fire affected the type of roost sites bats selected, and how they coped with the higher temperatures in this altered, post-burn landscape.

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